Artwork Analysis: Nude, Green Leaves and Bust

Cleaning Repairs If cracking of the paint develops, it is best treated by specialist. Do not apply cleaning agents to the painting, this can cause irreparable damage. Use a soft brush to dust the painted canvas. Never clean an artwork with a damp cloth since [Read More]

Arts Impact on Society

Romanesque art refers to the art of Western Europe during a period of one hundred and fifty years, from approximately 1000 AD to the rise of the Gothic style, which arose in the middle of the twelfth century in France. “Romanesque Art” was marked by [Read More]

Tips On How to Enjoy an Art Gallery

Frontalism is the style in which every known piece of ancient Egyptian art was produced. In paintings, the style of frontalism means that the head of the character is drawn in profile, while the body is drawn from a front view. However, even though the [Read More]